15 Reasons to Love Our NEW Cell Renew EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème

Stop Environmental Damage Before It Starts

One of the greatest things about our job is that we get to create skincare products that we ourselves need and would totally use! One of us has a skin issue – say accidental prolonged exposure to the sun and a nice red sunburn – and we can create the absolute best product to solve our problem. So, we are beyond excited to introduce our new Cell Renew EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème. Helping skin resist and combat environmental exposure is just the icing on the cake. Here are 15 more reasons we love – and use - this product…and so should you!

  1. It’s formulated to prevent environmental aging. And we’re pretty sure that there is a 100% chance that you will be exposed to the environment during your lifetime. Therefore, you need it!
  2. Its clinically proven ingredients reduce skin inflammation by 31%.* Repeat – it’s clinically proven, like with real science, not marketing fluff!
  3. It’s ideal for all skin types. That means anyone can use this product, even those with sensitive skin.
  4. It contains our favorite flower – Edelweiss, which strengthens the natural skin barrier….and gives us wonderful memories of a certain timeless musical celebrating its 50th anniversary this year!
  5. It’s cruelty-free! As with all Stemology products, we never test on animals!
  6. It’s packed full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, which help protect the skin from free radical damage caused by sun and environmental exposure (think pollution, smoke and extreme weather – yuck!).
  7. It’s got our back after we may have accidently spent too much time in the sun. The formula contains some of the highest-performing ingredients used to treat sunburns.
  8. It contains stabilized Vitamin C – one of our favorite summertime vitamins – that helps increase skin’s natural protection from UV damage.
  9. It’s ethically formulated, which means you can feel confident that this product is safe and does exactly what it claims.
  10. It also helps combat symptoms of aging. Exposure to elements like sunlight, smoke and air pollution cause photo-aging, resulting in lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. And let’s face it – photo aging is bad for any selfie!
  11. It has many uses. Use it after sun exposure to help calm and restore skin. Use it pre-environmental exposure to help strengthen the skin’s barrier. Use it as a light daily moisturizer in the summer months when skin gets a bit more oily for soft, hydrated skin. Now that’s multi-functional!
  12. It’s a great add-on to any skincare regimen. That means you don’t have to switch out or discontinue using any other products to reap the benefits of using this one!
  13. It’s all natural, relieving any fear of exposure to harsh chemicals, parabens, pthalates and GMOs.
  14. It detoxifies while it helps heals. Organic sulfer helps to naturally remove toxins from skin.
  15. It’s available now! Buy it online or at any one of our retailers.

We know that our new favorite product – EnviroExpose Repair and Restore Crème – will soon become your favorite product too! Want to try it for free? Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for our giveaway this month!

*Clinical study on file.