Summer Bucket List

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50 Things To Make This Summer Unforgettable

It’s officially Summer! And what’s the best part of the season? (Besides the sunshine, vacations and slower pace of life?) Having more time to spend with our friends and family, of course! Why not create the most memorable Summer yet by completing a Summer Bucket List? Don’t know where to start? Here are some great ideas via PopSugar

Summer Bucket List

  1. Attend a State Fair
  2. Buy matching sunglasses (or beach hats or towels)
  3. Complete a puzzle
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go strawberry picking (organic, of course!)
  6. Play with animals at your local shelter, or spend a day volunteering
  7. Rock temporary tattoos
  8. Browse a farmer’s market, then go home a make-up a yummy, organic dinner with all your awesome finds!!
  9. Make a summer cocktail
  10. Run through the sprinklers
  11. Buy a plastic kiddie pool…and use it!
  12. Climb a tree
  13. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  14. Play a card game
  15. Have a water balloon fight
  16. Make a summer playlist
  17. Rent a kayak
  18. Dye a streak of your hair
  19. Blow bubbles
  20. Go horseback riding
  21. Make popsicles
  22. Stargaze
  23. Collect seashells
  24. Do a Pinterest craft together
  25. Go to the movies
  26. Host a game night
  27. Build a birdhouse
  28. Take a road trip
  29. Go camping in the backyard
  30. Stay up until dawn
  31. Make homemade ice cream
  32. Go to a music festival
  33. Do yoga at sunrise
  34. Have a barbeque
  35. Play pool
  36. Eat watermelon
  37. Take selfies in your cutest pajamas
  38. Sing in the car with the windows down
  39. Play on a playground late at night
  40. Bury a time capsule
  41. Challenge someone in a video game
  42. Make your own lip balm
  43. Keep a summer scrapbook
  44. Read a book on the beach
  45. Fly a kite
  46. Have a spa night
  47. Do something that scares you
  48. Host a sleepover
  49. Go on a double-date
  50. Take a nap

What are you planning to do this Summer? Tell us in the comments!

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