Ever Innovating, Stemology® Announces the Release of SRC-7™, Its Patent-Pending Advanced Stem Cell Technology Complex

15 November, 2018, Lake Forest, CA
Stemology® announces the release of the first skin care product containing their patent-pending advanced stem cell technology complex – SRC-7™. Building upon eight plus years of continual research and experience applying stem cell technology in skin care, as well as the very latest research knowledge shared by scientists around the world, Stemology Skin Science™ has created an advanced complex of ingredients unique in the skin care world. Based upon recent discoveries of three different types of stem cells in human skin and how they contribute to skin renewal and revitalization, SRC-7™ is designed to “awaken” the power of these stem cell types to build up collagen, reverse thinning skin, and restore a more youthful appearance. This first Stemology® product with patent-pending SRC-7™ is a serum that addresses the majority of age-related appearance problems in one product, maintaining skin health, and reversing the impact of aging.

Stemology® Founder and Chief Technical Officer Dr. Hal Simeroth, expert research scientist and research engineer has worked for years with his team to develop this latest complex that uses the skin’s own stem cells to renew and rejuvenate the skin on the face and the neck. Dr. Simeroth stated, “The human body has an amazing capacity to revitalize itself. SRC-7 taps into that ability, allowing for a more youthful appearance without using other people as stem cell donors – no need to grow human stem cells in a lab or to harvest fragile human peptides that require a complicated process of preservation.”

Research shows that the human body already possesses the stem cells necessary to keep it youthful and healthy; they just need to be stimulated to do their job. Stemology® releases its first SRC-7™ product, Cell Revive Serum Complete with SRC-7™ for a limited time at the low introductory price of $50 for 17 grams, approximately 4-week supply for facial application.

Visit the products page at www.StemologyProducts.com to learn more about Stemology Skin Science™ and place an order.

About Stemology®

Our philosophy in creating Stemology Skin Care products is to design each product using the best that science and nature has to offer, together. It is our goal to create the best all natural skin care products at the greatest value. Stemology Skin Science™ is dedicated to ethics and integrity in skin care innovation.

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Rayanne Thorn, rthorn@stemologyproducts.com

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