Doctors - M.D.'s

“The proof of a product is when it has results; and this one does! Hooray for the great technology behind this entire modern skin care line!”
- Christine Petti, m.D., F.A.C.

“I’ve been looking for a stem cell skin care line to recommend to my patients for a long time . After using it for 3 weeks I realized that this is what I’ve been looking for. The transformation of my skin was so amazing, people started asking me what rejuvenation procedure had I done to my face. It’s also easy to use, made with organic ingredients & delivers exactly what it promises, backed by scientific research. I wholeheartedly recommend these skin care products, it will be the best investment you can make for your skin.”*
– Dr. Alla Zander

“At the Accetta Institute of Cosmetic Surgery we offer cutting edge technology. Stemology Skin Care has greatly improved our skin care regimen. Its breakthrough adult stem cell technology & natural ingredients gives clients visibly smoother, softer & more radiant skin in as few as 3 weeks. I highly recommend this product. It’s a safe and effective way to transform the skin.”*
– Dr. August Accetta

Registered Nurses - R.N.'s

“As a nurse working in the field of aesthetics for the past seven years I have tried a lot of products. I can honestly say these products are blowing me away. I have always used medical grade skin care and suggest that for my patients but this product has taken my skin to a new level and I’m so excited to share it with anyone who wants to have beautiful radiant skin.”*
– Jan M., R.N. and Aesthetics Specialist

“I have been using this product for 3 mos. now and I just got carded at a bar last night!!! Just turned 40 – thanks!*
– Suzanne H., R.N.

Aesthetic Professionals

“As an esthetician working in the field of skincare, I have had the unique privilege of experiencing a host of skincare brands in the clinical, natural and cosmeceuticual categories.  I can confidently say that nothing has come close to the efficacy and overall experience I am seeing with Stemology.  This brand has it all, and it shows in the results.”*
– Jayna B., Esthetician

“As a nurse working in the field of aesthetics for the past seven years I have tried a lot of products. I can honestly say these products are blowing me away. I have always used medical grade skin care and suggest that for my patients but this product has taken my skin to a new level and I’m so excited to share it with anyone who wants to have beautiful radiant skin.”*
– Jan M., R.N. and Aesthetics Specialist

Bloggers and Media

“The serum totally revitalizes the complexion by tightening and brightening.”*
– Star Magazine

“This mask is turning back the hands of time for me”*

“OMG – my skin has this intensely gorgeous glow!”*

“my skin feels hydrated, smooth, and looks more vibrant and lifted”*
–, April 2015

It is so light but also hydrating. Then add that it minimizes brown spots and helps fine lines and wrinkles and I’m now a lifer.”*
– Juggling in Heels blog

“I am loving Stemology. My skin feels so soft and smooth and has a fantastic glow about it. These products are definitely going to be on my skincare regimen list for a very long time.”*
– Modern Ensemble

Everyday People

“I’ve used a variety of very expensive skin products over the years, a couple of which worked very well. However, this product supersedes all others by margins! I’ve only been using for about a week when I met some girlfriends for lunch who had not seen me for a couple months, They were all convinced I had had some work done – like laser treatment or dermabrasion. They could not believe it was just the Stemology product and nothing else. This will be my only skin regime going forward. I love it!! My husband has also been using it and has seen the lines in his forehead reduce significantly. This stuff works!!”
– Coquette DuVal

“Wow, this is an amazing serum! Love it and I am going to order the moisturizer. Recommend you definitely try this.”*
– Linda

“The whole Stemology line has been developed with us aging beauties in mind. The facial scrub is gentle yet exfoliates so the serum can penetrate and rejuvenate glowing radiant skin. I am three weeks into using Stemology and l am amazed by the results! Also their customer service is excellent and they take pride in that, it shows!”*
– Laurie Strebe

“I’ll be the first to admit that my face washing routine in the evening is less than stellar. At 34 years old I really need to be better about washing my face every night as I’m seeing a lot more freckles, pore sizes, bumps, etc but I also need something that’s easy and fast and doesn’t make my face feel like it’s caked in product when I sleep. I’ve been using the Stemology CR routine for almost 2 weeks and I can already see an improvement in the above areas. Bonus is it’s easy, feels so fresh on the face and I love that it’s natural. I’ve been (mostly) good about doing it at night and even have my hubby doing it too. Great product, so far so good!”*
– Allison Cranford Miller

“A stem cell skin care line that actually works! Within 1 week I noticed a difference in my skin (smoother, tighter, brighter). Very happy with this product and it’s all natural!!! Impressive clinical studies as well. Definitely worth trying. Best skincare line I’ve used…and I’m a product girl!”*
– Julie Pesusich

“Great products! I currently use the serum and moisturizer and after only a few weeks my skin dramatically improved. It’s smooth, even toned and my dark spots are fading away. Try it you won’t be disappointed.”*
– Shirley Galea

“We are so excited to introduce Stemology here at Spa Reveil in Austin, TX.”*
– Babette Sims Crowder

“I love all of your products. Stemology is my fountain of youth. Thank you, STEMOLOGY”*
– Debra Ann

“Great Stuff!!! i tried it once and will never use anything else! Would recommend to everyone!”*
– Jennifer Leigh Bissett

“I started using Stemology a little more than a month ago. I’ve been using the Eye Serum, Brightening Serum, and face wash. Needless to say, I have seen a MAJOR difference in my dark circles under my eyes and my overall skin tone. I LOVE that the ingredients are all natural and not tested on animals. I will continue to use Stemology and refer people as long as you keep making it! Thank you for such a wonderful product!”*
– Amanda Becker

“I love this line! And I especially like the combination of science and nature coming together to make my skin look great, and help w/anti-aging process. Oh, and I can’t live without the eye serum :-)”*
– Jennifer Lane

“Immediate Results!”*
– Tabitha Watford

“I’ve been looking high and low for a skincare company that adresses all my skin concerns. I’ve finally found it in Stemology. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”*
– Judy Jones

“Best. Products. Ever. Thank you for changing my skin!”*
– Jessica Mark Wohlwend

“I can confirm their claims – I’ve been using Stemology for 2 months now. First in, I bought their Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser, Cell Revive Serum Complete, Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete, and the Cell Renew Moisture Complete. I’ve had really great results, my skin is tighter, the redness and dark spots are much less noticeable, my crows feet are not as deep and my skin just feels & looks overall much cleaner and supple. The products have a really nice feel to them, and don’t have the intense fragrance smell that others have – rather the scent is lovely green and earthy. They’re very generous with their discounts as well, right away I received at 20% discount after purchasing the first lot so I went on to buy the Cell Reboot Ageless Mask and Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner. These products rock too….what before seemed like a chore, I can’t wait to wash my face at night! It feels like you’re doing something really good and nice for yourself….”*
– Kathy Sison

“this is the only cleanser that does not make me red or break out and I work at a medical spa and have tried so many…I love it!”*
– Catrinka Marvis

“LOVE that this is a Gel Toner!~
It’s easy to apply-& feels like it really balances and preps my skin…”*
– Julie

“Love this product. My skin glows after using it. I have it in the shower and use it every other day. My skin looks good all day. Won’t be without it.”*
– Pat

“LOVE It!!!Cell Renew Moisture Complete has been a miracle for My dry skin~
So thankful to of discovered this product prior to Winter!”*
– Julie

“So happy with this product!”*
– Jennifer

“I have been using this product for almost a month and already can tell a difference in how vibrant my eyes look.”*
– Cathleen Renner

“I have only used this product for two weeks- but I swear it is lightening my pigmentation! It’s light, simple and goes on great alone and under makeup. It’s refreshing to get help on a problem I’ve been fighting-for years- and without hydro quinone, deep peels or expensive lasers!”*
– Jayna

“I saw a definite improvement in my dark acne spots in just a week….and with no hydroquinone! Love this product!”*
– Jennifer

“I am so excited to FINALLY find a product that helps fade the dark spots on my skin without hydroquinone! Yay!“*
– Jennifer

“The serum complete is another great product. Three years ago I had MOHS surgery on my forehead and it left my skin stripped to the bone. After using the Serum Complete, I notice I am getting a nice couching of collagen back over that area.”*
– Paul

“LOVE this product as it refreshes the skin and makes it glow….excited about the future of my skin thanks to Stemology products!!!!”*
– Marisa

“Amazing!!!… I have had Immediate & Continuous results with Cell Revive Serum Complete…”*

“My skin just keeps looking more fabulous everyday thanks to this product!”*
– Julie

“This is the FIRST product that I have used that I have ACTUALLY SEEN results. I started using this product because, living at the beach, I have these lovely things called “Age Spots”. I have 2 pretty large dark spots that I have been trying to get rid of and with Cell Revive Serum Complete, they are actually vanishing. I can’t go a day with out using it. I’m addicted and sooooo thankful for this product! xoxox”*
– Tracy

“After using this product for just 1 week, I have already received 2 compliments on how good my skin looks. I can only imagine what the results will be after a month. I love this product!”*
– Derek

“This is an outstanding product. I’m a 46 year-old male who usually doesn’t pay too much attention to skincare, but I must say, these Stemology products have made a noticeable difference. The product has a great spa-like scent and experience, and the efficacy is fantastic. Highly recommended.”*
– Will

“I love this Serum Complete! I have tried so many products over the years, and this is the first one with which I could see results. My oily skin is more balanced now. My skin used to break out regularly, and now it rarely breaks out. If it looks like I might get a blemish, I apply the Serum Complete and it clears right up. I often get compliments on how clear and fresh my skin looks since using this product. I’m a believer! Plus the Serum smells so good, I feel like I’m in a luxurious spa every time I put it on!”*
– Linda

“I didn’t think it possible to best the doctor’s product, but an amazing thing has happened! Instead of lotion covering wrinkles and aging skin, Stemology creates a new look — a younger and relaxed skin. It’s an exciting product to use!”*
– Cheryl

“I’ve been using Stemology Cell Revive Serum Complete for about a month and have noticeably brighter and softer skin.”*
– Justin

“One of my friends who works as a nurse in a Dr. office in Westminster has told me about the “cell revive serum complete”. She has been using it for a month now and her skin has improved so much. I decided to purchase it at where my friend’s work. I have been using it for two weeks now and have seen a big different on my skin. My skin is much more firm and tight. My skin color is brighter. I love this product and i would recommend to everyone. Great product.”*
– Anh Can

“Love the quick results. After Two weeks I was receiving compliments on My skin. Not only did I have a glow, My face was supple, plump, well moisturizer, and showed visible improvements on brightening up and tightening up, lifting and reduced Fine lines. There was also a noticeable difference in my deep set wrinkles.”*
– Debra

“I have been using the anti-aging regimen and eye cream for almost a month now and I love Stemology. It’s great that most products are in pump dispensers or squeeze containers so you they are not contaminated by finger dipping. The products feel really good on my skin, the fragrance is aromatherapy–what is that? I can tell a difference in my skin already, ,including my neck. Thanks for making a great product!”*
– Cathleen Renner

“After trying a couple of products I decided to purchase a complete package which was $377.00. It’s the best Birthday present I ever treated myself to. Stemology products work. They’re My new fountain of youth.”*
– Debra

“I’m in love with Stemology. It works. After years of trying many products I lost hope. This is your answer Ladies and Gents . Its reasonably priced in comparison to injections. No more botox yay!!! I’m looking forward to receiving my order of Anti aging regiment. I will take a before and after picture and post after using for two weeks.”*
– Debra

“Stemology has changed my life and saved the life of my skin!   My skin has never looked so good and felt so healthy!    My face is vibrant, clear, and my wrinkles are disappearing before my eyes!   Daily, people stop me and ask what I am doing differently as my skin is glowing and I am happy to share with them the product that turned it all around for me!   I am quite sure I will never use anything else on my skin again and I could not be more grateful!
Stemology has reversed my aging process and I feel younger every day! “*
– Kim T.

“As a teen I had great skin – clear, glowing, smooth. But, as an adult, my skin turned on me. I began to break out and had terrible hyperpigmentation from acne scars. I had tried everything and resigned myself to begrudgingly using hydroquinone to get rid of the dark spots, until I found Stemology. Within a month of using the product, my hyperpigmentation faded significantly, my acne cleared up and my skin looks amazing! I get so many compliments now and I have so much more confidence to hold my head up high and smile (even without any makeup on!). But, the thing that really makes me an advocate of Stemology is the ethics behind the company! Stem Cell technology can be scary and confusing. But Stemology’s strong stance on ethical science makes me feel like I’m not only using a good product, but I’m supporting a company that is doing a service to science, technology and the world.”*
– Jennifer N.

“After using Serum Complete for a couple of weeks my skin feels softer and the wrinkles on my face and around my mouth are literally disappearing! But the most amazing part is the difference in the texture of my neck; it’s smoother, firmer and more toned. I’ve tried many different products Serum Complete is the only one that really works – and it smells fabulous! Love this product!”*
– Marie M.

“Cell Revive Serum Complete is an amazing skin care product. After one month, my facial pores have been dramatically reduced. The lines around my eyes are much less noticeable, and the overall contour of my skin looks and feels smoother. What’s more, I love its fresh herb scent and light texture. I definitely recommend this product to women of all ages”*
-Laura V.

“Cell Revive Brightening Serum is a revolutionary skin care product. I suffer from adult onset acne, which causes my olive complexion to scar. This product delicately exfoliates the skin, which has dramatically lightened my brown spots due to acne and aging. It also aids in healing. I’m committed to using this product.”*
– Laura A.

“Within the first few days of using Serum Complete my face felt softer and more hydrated. Dullness diminished and there is a vibrancy to my skin now. I don’t feel like I have to wear a tinted moisturizer anymore because I am so much more confident in the texture and overall look of my skin.”*
– Jessica W.

“100% delighted at the results from Stemology’s Brightening Serum! I’m 68 years old and had a very dark age/brown spot on my cheek that was visibly lighter after applying the product twice a day for only two weeks! My skin is smoother, softer and my wrinkles have definitely softened. I’m so happy with the results and will continue to use it. Thank you!!”*
– Joan F.

“After 4 days of using the product I could feel and see a difference. It makes my skin feel like it is being moisturized from the inside out. After 10 days I went on vacation. Friends I hadn’t seen in a while wanted to know what I was using. Some said it looked like I had a mini face lift. After one month, I visited my dermatologist and he was amazed. I am addicted.”*
– Janelle

“My mom and I are loving your product! We wash with warm water, & then apply the serum and crème. It’s making our skin look even younger & tighter. I am telling everyone I know. Thanks”*
– Viktoria F.

“After using the product for ten days people began to notice the change in my face and neck. I am a therapist at a Wellness Center and the Doctors began looking at my face everyday and noticing the change. After a month they started calling me Benjamin Button. This stuff is amazing!”*
– Julia F.

“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter says she has already seen an improvement in her Rosacea in the first week. I took before pictures and will take pictures each week.”*
– Melaniern

“I have suffered with eczema and rosacea for years and have used this product for over 6 months. The results are nothing short of amazing. My skin texture is dramatically different; fewer clogged pores, breakouts and reduced redness. I have noticed an increase in elasticity in my skin and am amazed to see sun damage and age spots disappearing. Added perks are thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. This is a “can’t live without” product!”*
– Debra

“I damaged my hands with excessive sun exposure when I was a teenager. My dermatologist and esthetician have tried everything to remove or lessen the dark brown spots on my hands for years to no avail. After 5 weeks my hands look like they did 20 years ago. the brown spots are GONE!!!!”*
– Kristine

“I love the way my face looks and feels. My friends were the first to notice something and asked what I was using on my face. They said it looked brighter and had a more even tone. That’s great to hear because I always feel my face is red and blotchy. Thank you”*
– Sharon

“I am 46 years old and have spent the majority of my life caring for my skin/face. It has been very important to me to use all natural products that don’t feel heavy on my skin or that could possibly produce acne. As a matter of fact, for the last twenty years, though I have experimented with various products, I have always gone back to using straight Aloe Vera, only. No lotions or creams for me. The weight of the product along with its effectiveness were issues and would typically determine whether or not I would continue to use the product. Luckily, I have been using it for a couple months now and I cannot imagine using anything else. I felt a difference immediately. And I SAW a difference within only a couple days. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found this product before I caved in to the pressure of having Botox or other invasive procedures done that could have produced less-than-happy results. This will always be a part of my facial skin care routine.”*
– Rayanne

“I have been using Stemology for 4 weeks. The first week of using the product I noticed fines lines starting to disappear. The second week, my friends started noticing something different and were questioning what product I switched to. By the third week, I noticed a few spots appear, then flake off (which now I know were sun spots forming under the skin). Now, by the fourth week my fine lines around the eye area are almost gone. By results alone, friends are all approaching me for the product.”*
– Kim W.

“There really is a fountain of Youth, Wow! I have used many products with NO!! RESULTS, but the moment I put these creams on I felt my skin tighten, the next day I had this glow on my skin, for about a week, the ugly lines on my neck, were gone, my wrinkles around my eyes gone, for several months I started using bangs to cover my forehead, due to three awful winkle lines, now I can say, I can show my forehead and no more lines, I am so excited about this product, it really works, now I wear no foundation, very little makeup, just a small amount of powder, and my skin looks beautiful, I can smile now, no more wrinkle lines ladies. This is one product I would recommend to everyone man and women that need the real change in their skin. I am now auditioning with a beautiful skin no more horrible foundations and all that makeup!!, my skin looks so much better on camera now as an actress. I LOVE IT, THE RESULTS ARE AMAZING. I’ll never stop using this product, NEVER!”*
– Sasha J.

“I am a 53 year old fair skinned male with strawberry blond hair. Being an avid outdoorsman, and tennis player who lives at the beach, I have repeatedly suffered from sunburns and skin damage over my lifespan. I am amazed at how well the product has worked in such a short time. My facial skin color has evened out with less obvious sun freckles and it looks younger, feels softer and much better. I am also getting compliments from members of the opposite sex on how well my skin looks… Needless to say, I love the product and will continue to use it.”*
– Jaime

“Well, from a skeptic such as me who has been through 29 operations on my face to reconstruct it after a horrific car accident some years ago, I am delighted to say that after trying a sample of the serum for ONLY 3 DAYS I have seen a marked improvement. Lines just fading away and a dark spots have almost vanished! So many of the skincare serums on the market promise so much and deliver so little – this I can tell you is NOT one of those!!”*

* Stemology Skincare and its affiliates do not guarantee results. Results may vary.