What To Do With An Extra Hour

Thanks Daylight Savings!

Daylight Savings Time is officially here, which means an extra hour of daylight to spare! How will you enjoy it?

We have a few ideas…

  1. Go for a walk. Use the extra hour of sunlight to catch up with the ones you love. Go on a walk around the neighborhood with your significant other and share your day with each other. Leave electronics at home and just use this time to bond and enjoy the beauty your neighborhood has to offer.
  2. Take a class. Grab your girlfriends and sign-up for an outdoor boot camp, or yoga in the park. You could even head to a local farm to take some cooking classes and learn about local, sustainable foods.
  3. Work on the garden. Daylight savings is the perfect time to start and nurture your garden. If you don’t have a garden yet, now’s the time to start one. Start small with an herb garden. Spruce up your landscaping with some beautiful, bright flowers. If you truly have a green thumb why not start your own fruit and/or vegetable garden. It will save you money and you know where all your fruits and veggies come from and how they are raised. Talk about piece of mind!
  4. Take a bike ride. Get out and stretch your legs. After sitting at a desk all day your legs need some action. Use your extra hour to get outside and get your legs moving. Take your dog with you. He could also use the time to stretch his legs after lying around all day.
  5. Clean out your car. Before daylight savings time, it would typically be dark outside when you arrive home from work. Since that is no longer the case, stay outside with the sunlight and clean out all the wrappers, receipts, water bottles and sweatshirts from your car. You’ll feel so good driving around in a car that’s nice and tidy!
  6. Set-up a sidewalk stand. Help your kids set-up some sort of sidewalk stand. Whether it is lemonade, tea or cookies. With some extra sunlight, allow the kids to have some fun, learn business skills and feed the neighbors on their way home from work.
  7. Park play date/meet up. Keep your children active and social - plan a play date with some of their friends. Once you get home from work and homework is done, take the kids to meet their friends at the park. Let them run around and get tired for bed while you catch up with fellow parents.

How are you spending your extra hour of daylight?