Is Stem Cell Technology Making Traditional Skincare Obsolete?

Stem Cell Technology Proves Promising for Skincare in 2014

The ‘face’ of anti-aging skincare is changing – pun intended! How so, you ask? The idea that some sort of magic skincare potion or lotion (you know, there are literally hundreds of them costing anywhere from $10 to $350 each) is all you need for younger, brighter, fresher looking skin is about as outdated as buying your cosmetics from door-to-door salespeople.

We’ve moved from simple hydrating creams to sophisticated multi-functional emulsions that can actually rejuvenate skin by ‘awakening’ the body’s own ability to repair and protect. And the single most important breakthrough over the last decade is the use of stem cell technology to recapture the look of younger, healthier skin.

Today there’s a new generation of stem cell formulations… treatments that work in tandem with natural emollients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other age-related imperfections. These high-tech treatments make your skin look smoother, tighter, healthier, which make you appear younger... a lot younger!

A Quick Lesson in Skin Care Science

As we age, your body’s natural stem cell utilization for skin repair is less efficient. However, there remains a huge potential of undifferentiated adult stem cells that can be activated by the ‘right’ topical cream using human stem cell extracts, combined with plant-based stem cells and a stem cell communicator that regenerates and rebuilds the overall dermal matrix.

What does this mean in plain English? Stem cell technology is the best, most effective skincare option on the market. Imagine a complexion that’s new, fresh, and made up of “perfect” skin cells that are undamaged by age, sun or pollution.

Redefining Skin Care

Take a look at this next generation of stem cell based formulations. One of the newest is something called StemCore-3TM, Stemology’s proprietary stem cell based peptide complex. Regenerative medicine, also known as stem cell therapy, has a well-proven track record in the cell treatments of heart disease, MS, macular degeneration, cancers and many other diseases. Organ-specific adult stem cells are already proven to be quite effective in a variety of treatments for illness as well as regeneration of associated organs. Our scientific and medical research supports the conclusion that stem cell derivatives, specifically cell cultured tissue combined with peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells and ingredient “helpers” provide a highly effective anti-aging skin care system.

This three-in-one approach – human stem cell peptide, plat-based stem cells, and a stem cell communicator - is what makes new stem cell skincare so superior to any products that are on the market now or have been on the market in the past.

That’s the power and promise of stem cell technology in 2014.