Is It Okay To Gift Anti-Aging Skincare?

Giving the Gift of Youth This Holiday Season

With the holidays right around the corner, we’ve all been trying to find the perfect gifts for our friends and family. But what if, in your opinion, their perfect gift is an anti-aging skincare product. Is that okay to give someone? Sometimes there can be a stigma with gifting something that essentially can be pointing out that someone is aging. But with a little thought and heartfelt care, an anti-aging skincare gift could be the best gift under the tree! Here are a few simple and creative ways to gift anti-aging skincare products this year:
  1. For Your Girlfriend: A Spa Day. What better gift is there than an opportunity to get pampered? This Christmas, get your favorite girlfriend(s) a gift certificate to a local spa that carries your favorite product line – like Stemology! Then include a few products in with the spa gift certificate to make it a complete package. For an added bonus, get yourself a spa gift certificate too and make it a bonding day. It’s a win-win!
  2. For Your Mom: A Beauty Basket. Sometimes moms need a little help when picking out skincare products. And there is nothing better than receiving a gift basket full of goodies. If you think mom could use an anti-aging skincare regimen this Christmas, surround it with other fun, related products to create a comprehensive beauty basket that doesn't only focus on anti-aging. In addition to the anti-aging cleanser, toner, treatment product, eye cream and moisturizer, add a facemask, aromatherapy spray, a foot scrub, bath bombs, a neck pillow and maybe even a bottle of wine. This gift is sure to have her see the beauty and relaxation of this gift before the anti-aging!
  3. For Your Sister: A Glowing Gift Certificate. Let’s face it, most sisters don’t like to be told what they need. So, instead of choosing the anti-aging skincare products to gift her, let her choose. Provide her with a gift card to a skincare company you trust – like us! – or to a reputable spa or dermatologist’s office. Let the esthetician get into the specifics of what is right for her skin.
  4. For Your Husband: Most hubby’s look to their wives anyway for skincare advice…sometimes even just using whatever their wife has in the shower. Help your husband use products that are specific to his skin concerns by getting him a full skincare regimen tailored just for him. No creative gifting necessary for this one. If the wife is buying it, the husband will be trying it!
What are you giving your family and friends this holiday season? Tell us in the comments. And Happy Gifting!