Inspiring People: Lindsay Albanese

Positive, Encouraging, Humble and Smart

For the past 10 years, celebrity wardrobe stylist and style expert, Lindsay Albanese, has been giving her invaluable style advice to tv, print media, and Hollywood, making the world a little more fashionable, one client at a time.

Lindsay’s impressive resume includes styling celebrities, television shows, music videos. She contributes to television show style segments, media outlets, and even a style judge.

As a celebrity stylist for the past 10 years, she has curated many tips and tricks for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and organization. Lindsay truly cares about helping others, famous or not. She gives the everyday woman an opportunity to receive the same advice as celebrities by sharing all of her expert advice and tips on her blog and YouTube Channel Lindsay’s Latest. Lindsay is such a fashionable, helpful woman; it’s hard not to be inspired by her.

4 reasons why we are featuring Lindsay as our Inspiring Person this Month:

  1. Her positive attitude is infectious.

    If you haven’t watched her YouTube channel, you’re missing out! Lindsay is bubbly and full of personality. Watching her videos, you just can’t help but smile and giggle. She instantly puts you in a good mood with her spunky, positive attitude.
  2. She encourages women to embrace their bodies.

    Many women struggle with body image, and getting dressed in the morning can be a difficult task. Flipping through fashion magazines doesn’t usually help. Seeing negative size models and trying to recreate their exact outfit doesn’t work for many people. Lindsay encourages women to be aware of their own body and dress for their body type. She teaches her fans how to take inspiration from the models, but alter outfits to suit their own specific body.
  3. She’s humble and down to earth.

    In a profession that revolves around how people look on the outside, like fashion and entertainment, it can be easy to stay focused on those aspects. But Lindsay manages to stay real and not get swept up in the industry. On her YouTube channel, fans ask Lindsay questions and leave her comments, and would you believe it, she actually responds. It just goes to show how real she is and that she truly loves and cares about her fans.
  4. She believes your face is your best accessory.

    Lindsay is a big fan of Stemology products and in a segment she did for Good Day LA, Lindsay said, “Your face is your best accessory.” We couldn’t agree more!

Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with Lindsay and follow her on Twitter @lindsayALBANESE, YouTube Lindsay's Latest and Instagram @LindsayAlbanese.