Inspiring People: Jen Mathews

Beauty Expert, Cruelty-Free Pioneer, Animal Lover

When advocating for cruelty-free beauty products, the first person that comes to our mind is the pioneering beauty expert, blogger and “Chief Bunny” Jen Mathews of We have a MAJOR woman crush on this animal lover and all around beautiful soul!

Jen has been dedicated to educating beauty-product lovers – women and men alike – about cruelty-free brands on her award-winning Los Angeles-based beauty blog, My Beauty Bunny, since 2009. (Happy Fifth Anniversary!) As a compassionate animal lover, she is devoted to bringing attention to great skin, makeup and hair products that are not tested on our furry, little friends, and that is just one of many reasons why we adore her. Here are five more reasons Jen is our pick for the Authentic Beauty Blog’s Inspiring Person this month:

1. Jen’s authentic love of animals and cruelty-free brands is contagiously inspiring!

My Beauty Bunny has a wealth of resources for beauty lovers who want to live a cruelty-free life, providing readers with lists of animal-friendly products available in the United States, China, South Africa, the Philippines and more. Jen advocates boycotting any brands that presently test their products on animals; and the blog even has a special section that highlights vegan products.

2. She’s not afraid to go makeup-free to show people how to use animal-friendly products.

Jen is fearless with her cruelty-free message, and not afraid to go barefaced on her YouTube channel to show viewers how to apply makeup and other beauty products that are not tested on animals.

3. Not only does Jen care about humans using cruelty-free products, she wants to make sure your pets do too!

The Pets section on My Beauty Bunny contains everything from cruelty-free dog treats, to tips for keeping your pets calm and happy during 4th of July fireworks.

4. Jen encourages people to start a cruelty-free lifestyle – one lipstick at a time.

Jen and her “bunnies” do all the hard work for us! Researching, testing and reporting on which products are cruelty free, which products actually do what they claim and which products to avoid. Thanks goodness…that’s a lot of work!

5. She’s Jen-erous!

My Beauty Bunny regularly gives away cruelty-free beauty, hair and nail products, including Stemology!

The beautiful beauty expert is convinced that once you “go cruelty-free you’ll never go back.” We agree, Jen!

Stay up-to-date with the latest in cruelty free beauty by following the Chief Beauty Bunny, Jen Mathews, on Twitter @MyBeautyBunny, Instagram @mybeautybunny, Facebook and YouTube Jen Mathews.