Five Beauty Apps For A Successful New Year

Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions With These Helpful Apps

Okay, so you’ve rang in the New Year and now you’re ready to get started on a new you! The good news — heck, the great news — is new apps have been introduced to help you successfully achieve all of your beauty resolutions. From better skin to new hairstyles to a full-blown makeover, no matter what your New Year’s Beauty Resolution, there’s an app for that! So, before you try that new haircut or spend a dime on new products, take a pause and check out the newest beauty apps that can help you accomplish your goals:
  1. Hairstyle Makeover (Free). Try out this app, featured in the New York Times, to see the best-suited hairstyle for your new 2014 look. This app allows you to upload a photo of yourself and test out celebrity hairdos and colors from the last two years. The Hairstyle Makeover app is the perfect way to see if you really want to commit to a shorter, edgier hairstyle this year. If the style doesn’t work for your face, you can still have fun posting the photo on Facebook or Instagram. Get a laugh by pranking your friends and family into believing you got a new haircut.
  2. OPI (Free). Ever wondered what you’d look like sporting OPI “I Eat Mainely Lobster” or “Teal the Cows Come Home” nail polish? Well, you’re in luck because there’s an app for that. Before you head into the nail salon and risk spending your hard earned dough on a color job that clashes, test out what colors you’d like to wear on your fingertips before you buy.
  3. Beautified (Free). You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to regularly visit the spa for those beauty treatments you missed in 2013. Now where do you turn? This app allows you to easily book same-day beauty appointments in Los Angeles and New York (with more cities being added soon) at your favorite spas and salons. Thanks to this app, there’s no excuse to not stay on top of your monthly facial.
  4. Amazing Face ($4.49). Have you ever wished you could have an expert in your pocket for all those beauty emergencies? Now you can. This app will allow you to watch how-to videos on makeup techniques courtesy of Cosmopolitan columnist Zoe Foster Blake. Store photos and notes about your favorite beauty products (like Stemology!) or make a detailed beauty-shopping list. Finally, get empowering advice from Zoe to help you to ask the important questions to your hairstylist or esthetician to ensure the perfect service every time.
  5. Calm (Free). You’ve made a resolution to slow down this year, to relax a bit and enjoy the simple things in life. You’d like to be able to sleep better, have greater focus and up your energy to help combat the aging process. This app provides users with a seven-step program to relaxation. Need a 2 to 30 minute break during your day? Turn on this app and enjoy the calming music by Kip Mazuy and feel your stress just melt away.
Now you can approach your New Year’s goals with confidence, knowing that you’ll have a little beauty insider help from your smartphone! Sources: Examiner, iTunes