Giving Back

Children’s Home in Zimbabwe

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We are very pleased to tell you that a portion of your Stemology purchase goes to help the children at Khayelihle Children’s Village in the African country of Zimbabwe. 

Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) was established in 1994 to help address the rapidly growing number of orphans and near-orphans resulting from the HIV/AID’s epidemic sweeping the country.  Most of these children are orphans and have no family members able to care for them, and, sadly, many of them were born HIV positive.  These children needed complete housing, food, clothing, schooling, love and encouragement from house parents in as close to a home environment as possible.  There currently are about 90 children in this program who live on the campus.

The children live in family groups with a variety of ages in each of six households. House mothers, fathers and aunties look after the children. They all look after each other also and attend the local schools where they are held in high regard for the studiousness and community-mindedness. The village cares for their emotional, social and spiritual development. It also provides opportunities for them to excel in sports, music, and any other endeavor they might pursue. 

The Children’s Village acquired 270 acres of farm land near the city of Bulawayo in the southern part of Zimbabwe.  Their long term plan is to ultimately be financially self-sustaining with income from growing vegetables and fruit along with the production of milk and milk products from an on-site dairy. Also sufficient hay and basic food for the dairy cows are grown on site.  The farm produces food and milk for the children and all excess is sold in the local community.