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50 Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

It’s the dawn of a new year, and we have 365 new opportunities to live our life to the fullest in 2017. So, what’s on your 2017 bucket list? Whether you have a full bucket list in place, or have never thought of creating a bucket list, here are 50 ideas to make 2017 the most memorable year ever!

  1. Write a Book
  2. Take a Road Trip Across America
  3. Go Vegan for a Month
  4. Complete a Marathon (or half marathon)
  5. Go Horseback Riding on the Beach
  6. Spend a Day Completely By Yourself
  7. Learn to Plan an Instrument
  8. Visit Every Continent
  9. Climb a Mountain
  10. Learn a New Language
  11. Swim with Dolphins
  12. Go on a Cruise
  13. Unplug for 48 Hours
  14. Learn Archery
  15. Kiss Under the Mistletoe
  16. Go to the Airport and Take a Random Flight
  17. Have a Bonfire on the Beach
  18. Go Bungee Jumping
  19. Start a Food Fight
  20. Learn How to Surf
  21. Write Yourself A Letter, Seal It, and Read It 10 Years Later
  22. Donate Blood
  23. Be Part of a Flash Mob
  24. Buy a House
  25. Go Ballroom Dancing
  26. Visit All 50 States
  27. See the Statue of Liberty
  28. Give Money to a Homeless Person
  29. See the Northern Lights
  30. Spend the Night in a Tree House
  31. Stomp Grapes to Make Wine
  32. Visit a Ghost Town
  33. Go Lavender Picking
  34. Adopt a Pet
  35. Dance in the Rain
  36. Swim in a Hot Spring
  37. Say Yes to Everything for One Day
  38. Have a Pillow Fight
  39. Laugh Until You Cry
  40. Go White Water Rafting
  41. Swim Under a Waterfall
  42. Go to a Masquerade Ball
  43. Make A Snow Angel
  44. Be Part of A TV Show Audience
  45. Create a Family Recipe Book
  46. See A Musical on Broadway
  47. Hike to the Hollywood Sign
  48. Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  49. Take A Photo Every Day for a Year
  50. Pay a Stranger’s Bill at a Restaurant

What’s on your 2017 Bucket List? Tell us in the comments.


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